Monday, October 26, 2009

Principle Based Life

I recently read the quote, "When a life is based on principles, 99% of the decisions are already made." At first glance, this seems to oversimplify decision making in life. However, knowing what the right decision to make is not as difficult as following through with the right decision. Living life and exercising leadership requires successful application of principles. Principles are character-based ways to choose the right path at the right time. Principles make decisions easier to make, especially when under pressure.

For example, I have commited to maintain right relationships with everyone I know. Because of this principle, no question or doubt exists when I gain knowledge of how I may have caused an offense with someone. My immediate goal then becomes, "How can I make this right?" I do not have to agonize over what I should do; the decision has already been made. As John Maxwell once stated, "Successful leaders make right commitments early in life and manage them throughout their lives."

What principles are you learning that you desire to commit to now and manage throughout life? Remember that these principles will ease the burden of making difficult decisions in life.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Definition of Leadership

As John Maxwell states, "Leadership is influence." I would agree with this 100%. Leadership is the ability to empower other people to accomplish something.

After listening to Evan Schaefer's presentation on Thursday, I realized his experiences in HS equipped him with abilities, skills and the confidence to take risks in college. I noticed his list of leadership positions in college and graduate school extended above the average involvement of a typical college student.

Use each day as an opportunity to deliberately influence someone who crosses your path and better the lives of other people in and outside of your program.

Who is someone who has had influence in your life?
For me, it was Jim Probst. A HS Coach who inspired me through his constant example of excellence in all that he did. I was greatly impressed with his amazing athleticism but it was his faith, character and leadership that inspired me the most. His influence has forever shaped my vision in life.