Sunday, August 29, 2010

Influence Beyond Existence

Imagine what is occurring in the mind of this little girl. If one truly stopped and realized all that could be captured in this monument, one could not walk away influenced by the legacy of President Abraham Lincoln. Put yourself in this little girl's shoes for a moment...

Imagine running a small department store to meet the physical needs of your local townspeople. You just realized you short changed a customer a couple of pennies but the hour is late. Your temptation is to either justify this small mistake, forget about it, wait until tomorrow or find some way to move the small burden on your conscience. Instead, following the closing of the store, you walk to this customer's house (probably at least a mile) to humble yourself, confess your mistake and return the extra change. Your conscience is clear and you can rest peacefully knowing you did the right thing. This is one of many similar testimonies you might read about Abraham Lincoln.

Little did he know that moments like these were the shaping of his future character and leadership. Who better to unit a divided country and begin the end to a bitter, evil war over racism and slavery than Abraham Lincoln? His character, resolutions and leadership had powerful influence in his day and continue to influence all those wishing to be taught by this great leader today.

What "lessons" do teens pass up right now that could be the shaping of their future influence? How can living by principles and resolutions aid in this progress?

Friday, August 13, 2010

This magnifying telescope empowers your ability to see and enriches your enjoyment of this elevated perspective. Likewise, your own personal vision that declares your purpose in life will magnify your ability to see life through a positive perspective. Furthermore, having your vision will enrich your enjoyment of life. As the proverb states, "Where there is no vision, the people will perish."

Vision can be defined as a declaration of purpose. This purpose could be specific for a leader and an organization or a CEO and his business. Or, a vision could mark the overall lifestyle and influence a person wants to leave on this earth. Regardless, a vision gives purpose and the following:
  1. An Ideal - A vision declares the end result or outcome you wish to pursue. It creates a clear understanding in one's mind of what he or she is trying to become.
  2. A Direction- A vision provides a clear focus and direction for each day. Stepping out the front door into reality each day is met with a clear road map on where one is trying to go.
  3. A Rationale - A vision gives a reason for your chosen activities. Without a vision, one might fall prey to the "going though the motions" syndrome.
  4. A Filter - A vision provides a framework when making difficult decisions. A vision clarifies what types of activities to take on.

All great leadership starts with a vision. The vision is what clarifies the message of influence the leader is communicating to those who follow. Without this clear direction, the leader will be leading people down a path with no expected end, possibly to the "peril" of the program.

What vision are you living by?