Friday, February 3, 2012

Today Counts

Today Counts! In other words, today is full of opportunity. See TODAY as important. Too many people become stuck in a rut and simply spend their time going through the motions. Renew your perspective each morning so you'll treat your day like its your last.

What is so important about your day TODAY?
1. Reality - It COULD be your last. This is a sobering reality but a reality nonetheless. Make your life count by exercising leadership that influences. Live with a legacy in mind.
2. Necessary - Today is important in your progress. How you are developing as a person and leader is dependent upon the day to day decisions. The decisions you make today will strongly impact your progress.
3. Opportunity - Today is filled with opportunity. Many would define some of these moments as "difficulty" but see everything as opportunities for learning, growth and experience. The learning of wisdom is rooted in how we handle our daily stresses, or "opportunities."
4. Sustaining - Today is also a resource. You find your strength and inspiration in what you rely on EACH DAY. Don't leave out this important step in living each day to its fullest!

"It matters NOT how a man dies but how he lives. The act of dying is not of importance, it lasts so short of time." - Samuel Johnson


  1. i believe that you are right that people get stuck in a rut going through the motion every and how people don't do anything crazy they just stick to the same old boring stinking thing.
    reality is very true it could be your last day, i mean i could die and not have lived my life to the fullest.

  2. Every day is filled with opportunities and is necessary to achieve what is needed. Some times what you need is hard to achieve, but its always achievable, just stick to reality and their should be no problem. Today could be my last day, anything can happen at anytime when least expected.

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  4. Everyday is an opportunity. It's an opportunity to live your life. Reality is a fact, it could lead to it being your last day, so live it to the fullest and enjoy it while you can. Many people don't have that choice.