Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Making the Vision a Reality

So, you've thought through your vision, what you see yourself doing and accomplishing. And, you've identified HOW you will carry out this vision. Now what? How do we make this vision become a reality? Do I wait? When do I start?

The answer is simple: start today. I recently talked to a 42 year old gentleman who humbly stated it's taken him twenty years to start leaving out his personal vision. Why did he wait so long? His response was not quite so simple. His answer involved several hurdles, side-steps, mini-vacations, distractions and the list goes on. Before he realized it, he found himself trapped in a daily survival game of "living" rather than "succeeding." However, to his credit, many do not ever make the change and become stuck in their "rut" of life. To his credit, he is now redeeming the time and living out a powerful vision.

What is his vision? He shared how he is living out his vision of mentoring today's youth. A son of a coworker/mother spent the day with him recently working together on a service project for a youth camp. This son of a coworker needed some volunteer hours due to some recent trouble with the law. What's really cool is after several hours of working together, this 42 year old gentleman shared the tough lessons he has had to learn in life and encouraged this young son of the coworker to avoid making the same mistakes. The son verbally stated at the end of the day how much he enjoyed learning new skills through the service project but more importantly, he enjoyed the wisdom that he had learned. That's living out a powerful vision! Many adults live in discouragement and despair about their pasts. This 42 year old has instead used his past to mentor those of the future!

What's the key to living out the vision?
1. Commitment - You live out what you are committed to. Make a personal, heart-felt commitment to accomplish your vision!
2. Set DAILY Goals - S.M.A.R.T. Goals are the daily stepping stones that bring the vision to reality.
3. Alertness - Getting started on living out a vision causes some to miss opportunities because they are looking in the wrong places. This 42 year old listened to a distraught Mother (coworker) and he realized his opportunity to live out his vision and took advantage. Be alert for your opportunities!

What are you doing with your day TODAY? Make it count by living out your vision NOW.


  1. To reach the thing you want most you have to make sacrifices and maybe do things that you don't want to do but it will be for the best. You want to set your goal to be something you actually want to do, not what your parents want you to do unless it's something that is a safety issue.

  2. In order to achieve something you need to be fully committed or it'll never get accomplished. Set goals that you know you will fulfill and it'll make you feel like you did something good for yourself.

  3. In life people have to be committed and take chances to achieve your goals. Setting goals helps you to accomplish something you want. And after accomplishing that goal it makes you feel good about yourself and should make you feel like you cna master anyhting if you start with setting a goal!!!

  4. The only way you can achieve goals and your main vision you have to take action. BY doing the day to day events in your life you have to make sure tht they reflect on your vision. If you dont there is no point of even having your vision in the first place. There is no way you can lazyily achieve them, you have to be movitated to make it happen.